The annual Teacher Honor Roll will be held on Sunday, May 1st at 3pm at Norwalk Inn & Conference Center, East Avenue, Norwalk. For more info, phone Catherine Vigilante (203-866-3504).


Recognizing the role that educators play in the lives or our children, the NHSAA established a Teacher Honor Roll in 1999 to honor those outstanding Norwalk School System educators who are also Norwalk High School alumni. A plaque noting the names of those inducted is on display in the high school lobby. Retired NHS teacher and former chairman of the foreign language department, Catherine Vigilante (class of 1948!) is chairman of the Selection Committee. Catherine is also a previous installee. Members of the Alumni Association may nominate candidates by forwarding a resume and/or other information to PO Box 43, Norwalk, CT 06852-0493. Be sure to include your Norwalk High School class, contact information and as much detailed information about you candidate as possible.

Honorees for 2016:

Pasquale "PAT" D'Orio '46

Laurine Browder '59

Donna Grimaldi Raguseo '67

Dr. Paul Krasnavage '71